Men’s Ultimate Grooming


M.U.G.’s attentive stylists cater to male coifs with individualized cutting techniques and sleekify facescapes with three-blade razors and soothing products. Upgraded haircuts begin with a shampoo and conditioning. Next, stylists attack rogue cowlicks and curlicues with clippers or all-over shears and a tactical diligence normally employed by retired naval officers playing Battleship against their grandchildren. Haircuts end with a hot-towel neck massage, a scalp massage that makes skulls feel like World Series champs, and a neck shave using hand-whipped shave lather. The Ultimate face shave integrates both hot and cool towels, which allow pores to open and close for a more effective shave, which is performed with and against the grain using a new Gilette Mach3 razor. The service concludes with toner and a facial massage, during which guests can watch sports on flat-screen TVs and play anagram games with athletes’ names.


9390 W Hanna Dr., Suite B107
Glendale, ARIZONA 85305
United States

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(623) 772-7279

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